The Greedy Socialist – Bernie Sanders Owes A Disputed $450,000 to Cities Across The United States

Bernie Sanders likes to pretend to be the champion of the downtrodden. The greedy socialist hasn’t paid back the cities he visited during the 2016 campaign. They provided him with security services, which he has yet to pay for.

Per Daily Wire:

Across the nation, in the states of Arizona, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington and Wisconsin, the Sanders campaign still owes a disputed $450,000 to various cities. Those figures include over $117,000 to the Santa Monica, California police department; $67,000 to the Irvine, California police department; over $44,000 to the Tucson, Arizona police department; over $33,000 to the Spokane, Washington police department; over $28,000 to the city of Vallejo, California; over $28,000 to the National City, California police department; over $25,000 to Upper Providence Township in Pennsylvania; over $23,000 to the Cloverdale, California police department, and over $22,000 to the Solano County Sheriff’s Office in Fairfield, California.

Meanwhile, the Trump and Clinton campaigns have settled all their debts.

Despite owning California money he will be visiting the state this month. He will be speaking at the tri-annual convention of the California Nurses Association-National Nurses Organizing Committee on September 22 in San Francisco. A week before this convention he will be introducing his Medicare-for-all legislation.


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