Many people on the Left are blaming these hurricanes on climate controle. Count Bill Nye The Fake Science Guy in this group. Shouldn't scientisits use facts?

Bill Nye isn't the only person from the Left blaming these hurricanes on Conservatives and man-made global warming. For instance, David Axelrod wants to name these massive storms after some famous climate change deniers.

As you may know Bill Nye has been attacking President Trump on climate issues for quite a while now. It started in the 2016 election. Netflix has given him a platform to promote his ideas on political correctness as well as social justice. He's even went as far as challenging the science of chromosomes and two genders.

Now that Hurricane Harvey has devastated Texas and Hurricane Irma is on the way, Bill Nye The Fake Science Guy is bringing it. He joined #FakeNews veteran Dan Rather to have a conversation of false information about where hurricanes come from. Nye tells Rather that larger storms are caused by global warming. The global warming provides "more heat energy in the atmosphere," which, "strengthens the storms, as you'd expect.

Watch the video.

Bill Nye The Fake Science Guy

Of course Dan Rather agrees with him.

The only problem is that Nye's statements aren't in line with actual scientists that study hurricanes. Ryan Maue is a meteorologist and PhD and he has made a name for himself for his Twitter feed which is loaded with updates on hurricane systems.

Maue destroyed Nye for confusing some of the most basic elements that cause hurricanes. Bill Nye doesn't know the difference between the ocean and the atmosphere.

Maue didn't stop after targeting Bill Nye the Fake Science Guy.

It seems if you were called the science guy and claim to be a scientist, you would at least grasp the most basic components of how science works.

This isn't the first time someone has put the smack down on Bill Nye. Check out this interview when he was on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

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