Ol' Bernie Sanders not only wants to make the United States a socialist country, but he also wants to expand asylum to include climate change refugees. So he not only wants your money to completely take care of all the people already in our country, but wants to add more people to it.

While speaking during the MSNBC climate change forum on Thursday, Sanders stated that he “would be positively disposed to” expand asylum categories to also include those who are "pushed out due to climate change."

Moderator Chris Hayes asked Sanders, “Would you favor expanding the asylum categories, which are enumerated, right, to include a category for people that are specifically climate — pushed out by climate?”

The 2020 presidential candidate responded, “I think that is absolutely something that we have to look at, and I think I would be positively disposed to that. But it has to exist all over the world."

Sanders continued, "I mean, it’s not just people in Latin America who would gravitate to the United States. It is people all over the world. And it means that we have to deal with the crises in these countries right now so that people can possibly stay there, and we have to welcome people all over the world.”

It's an interesting concept. Socialists like Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can't even take care of the rat, feces, and disease outbreak in major U.S. cities like Los Angeles. Yet they fight to bring the world's poorest people to our country and put them on our welfare.

Perhaps if we did not have veterans and children on the streets, the idea would be more appealing. However, people who are not U.S. citizens do not deserve our money and welfare when there are Americans who still need help. I will not apologize for that, either.

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