I have always liked Ben Carson, and he just continues to remind me why I do. The former brain surgeon is standing up for the president in the midst of the left claiming Trump is racist.

The Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary was mid-interview on Wednesday when he said that neither Donald Trump or his tweets were racist in any way. The president was simply stating that if a person hates our country, they can leave.


“I have an advantage of knowing the president very well and he’s not a racist,” Carson said on Fox News, “His comments are not racist, but he loves the country very much. And he has a feeling that those who represent the country should love it as well.”

“I think you can see what the president means by looking at his accomplishments,” Carson continued, “Look at his policies. Under this president you see the rising tide lifting all boats. You see low unemployment— record low— for blacks, for Hispanics, for all the demographics of our nation.”

“When you have somebody spending this much time and this much effort trying to elevate those who are vulnerable and who are suffering in our society, I think we should pay a lot more attention to what they are doing than what anyone is saying,” he concluded.

The Hill reports:

Amid intense backlash from Democrats and Republicans, Trump asserted Tuesday that the tweets were not racist.

The House voted Tuesday evening, 240-187, to formally condemn the tweets as "racist." Four Republicans joined every House Democrat in voting for the measure.

Trump's Cabinet secretaries have largely been mum on the furor.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he did not find the tweets racist. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he has not seen the president act in a racist way, and National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow said he doesn't believe Trump is racist.

Personally, I don't see a problem with Trump's tweets at all. They aren't racist. He simply said what most of us have been thinking for a long time!


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