When a liberal is losing any kind of argument or disagrees with a person, what do they do? Call the other person a racist, of course!

Peter Buttigieg sets another prime example of this ridiculousness...as if we needed ANOTHER example.

When the presidential candidate was asked by a reporter if he planned to try to win over Trump supporters, especially those who were chanting "send her back," he responded with a firm, "No."


“The reality is there are a lot of committed racists whose vote I’m never going to get and that’s alright,” he continued, “There are a lot of people who simply voted to burn the house down, and now that the house in on fire, it’s time to actually put in somebody who’s going to do something about the future.”

“If President Trump really cared, he would have done something on the spot about it, but of course we know that first of all he lacks the courage to do that and secondly he needs us divided, he wants us divided,” Buttigieg added, speaking about the chant.

He claims that "Republican of conscience" are "thinking twice" about their vote for President Donald Trump back in 2016, and that they will not vote for him again. I beg to differ. I voted for Trump the first time and I guarantee you that he has my vote again in 2020. The left's racist rhetoric is no good here.

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