Mad Maxine is at it again folks! Nevermind the fact that the two year Mueller investigation is OVER and Trump has been proven INNOCENT! No, Congresswoman Maxine Waters is still ranting like a mad woman about impeaching President Trump.

During the NAACP awards show on Saturday, Waters claimed that we have seem enough evidence for Trump "to be impeached."

She said, “No matter what this report is thus far we have seen enough. We have right before our very eyes the obstruction of justice in so many ways. It is not only the firing of Comey, but it is the fact that he sat on the airplane, and he wrote a memorandum about the meeting that took place at Trump Towers where they had organized this meeting to talk about how they could undermine Hillary Clinton but he wrote the memo, he told a lie and said it had to do with the adoption of children.”

“I have said as you know I believe he needs to be impeached," Waters added.

In other words, she has a whole lot of NOTHING.

It sounds to me like this woman fell out of the crazy tree and hit every branch on the way down! Good night!

Here is her ridiculous rant:

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