Wow! A Texas high school teacher has been fired after she was found reporting illegal immigrants. Is this even legal? To be punished for reporting those breaking the law?

The Fort Worth Independent School board voted unanimously, 8-0, to fire Georgia Clark after they found tweets, which appear to be from Clark, to President Trump about the masses of undocumented students in the Forth Worth school.


Clark reportedly tweeted Trump several times with (now deleted) handle @Rebecca1939. The tweets said things like, “Drain the swamp," as well as pleaded for "assistance in reporting illegal immigrants."

One tweet said, “Mr. President, I asked for assistance in reporting illegal immigrants in the FWISD public school system and what I received was an alarming tweet from someone identifying himself as one of your assistants followed by a second tweet from the same person.”

“Mr. President, Forth Worth Independent School District is loaded with illegal immigrants from Mexico,” another tweet reads, “Carter-Riverside High School has been taken over by them. Drug dealers are on our campus and nothing was done to them when the drug dogs found the evidence.”

A teacher in Fort Worth Texas was linked to a Twitter account calling for President Trump to deal with undocumented students. (Screenshot: Twitter/Rebecca1939)

Another tweet pleaded, “I do not know what to do. Anything you can do to remove the illegals from Fort Worth would be greatly appreciated.”

Even with those tweets though, how can she be fired? Assuming the tweets really are from her, she is asking for help with criminals. I did not see a single instance where she called out a student by name in her tweets, so it can't even be invasion of privacy.

Yahoo reports:

Clint Bond, a communications executive at the district, tells Yahoo Lifestyle, “We have placed the teacher on administrative leave (with pay) and the district continues to review its options in this matter.” Bond did not confirm whether Clark herself had written the tweets.

The teacher included two phone numbers in her tweet to the president, none of which were working when Yahoo Lifestyle called for comment. A third listed number for Clark had been changed.

A former teacher in the district, who did not want to be identified tells Yahoo Lifestyle, “I’m shocked. I worked at a high school in Fort Worth with a very high percentage of undocumented students. These kids worked very hard to create a better life here for themselves, many of mine obtaining scholarships at university for engineering, business, and medical degrees. I am disheartened to hear an educator would use their position as a political platform to promote hate and discrimination especially in a manor we as educators are trying to curb, social media. It can be such a divisive and harmful means of spreading hateful discrimination. It makes me extremely uncomfortable. I love my students, not because of who they are or where they were born, but because of who they have become.”

Fort Worth Independent School District Superintendent Kent P. Scribner said, “In the past 24 hours, there has been much talk in the news and on the Internet about the use of social media by our staff,” said Scribner. “Our mission is to prepare ALL students for success in college, career and community leadership."

He continued, "Let me reiterate our commitment that every child in the District is welcome and is to be treated with dignity and respect. As we conclude the school year this Friday, please know we take this promise very seriously and your child’s safety and well-being are always our number-one priority. Thank you.”

The former Carter-Riverside employee can reportedly try to appeal the decision with the state.

Personally, I hope Georgia Clark sues the ever-loving crap out of the school board!

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