When it comes to government handouts, liberals are all in. The problem is, who is going to pick up the tab? So we will call today's segment "Ask a Liberal." Who should pay for illegal immigrants' healthcare?

Prager U created a viral video that highlighted how generous those of the left are with other people's money. Will Witt went to Manhattan Beach and asked people about gubernatorial candidate Calvin Newsom's plan to give all illegal immigrants free universal healthcare.

That's right, the former San Francisco Mayor wants taxpayers to pay for the healthcare of illegal immigrants. Already, San Francisco is a sanctuary city, but that's not enough. He wants hard working Americans to foot the bill on the healthcare of illegal immigrants.

There was some irony on display when a man wearing an "Earned Not Given" shirt was fired up about free healthcare for those who enter this country illegally. He missed the hypocrisy of handing out free benefits that were neither earned or paid for while wearing that exact message on his chest.

Many were surprised that they would be the ones who were actually paying for these health benefits. They also weren't aware that since they are paid under the table, many illegal immigrants do not pay taxes. Not only are the policies failing in California, but the education system is also.

Watch - Ask a liberal - who will pay for the free healthcare for illegal immigrants?

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