The media isn't covering it nearly as much as they were before, but there are still protests happening in cities across the country.

That being said, you've got to be a very careless person to go to some of these protests. The reason obviously is because of how likely you are to be harmed during one of these protest/riots.

As unsafe as it is to go to one of these riots, you've got to be a special kind of stupid to take your kid to one.

But you've got to be a special kind of idiot to bring your own child to one of these protests, and sadly, these special idiots exist and one of them did that very thing.

In Seattle of all places, where Antifa is often the worst, a parent brought his young daughter to one of the "protests" and she ended up getting pepper-sprayed.

It is unclear what kind of reckless parent would bring their child to one of these riots, especially considering the amount of violence and destruction that we have watched play out at them for days.

The child appears to be with her father and another young sibling. The children were both dressed in Black Bloc attire, an Antifa militant tactic used to make it harder for police to identify people.

As she cried, protesters poured milk over her face in an effort to neutralize the chemicals.

Warning, the video is painful to watch as the poor little girl screams in pain.

This is absolutely terrible. I hate it for this child. The parent is terrible and he needs to be pepper-sprayed just for doing something so stupid and reckless.

There have been some people on social media who have even called for Child Protective Services to be called but putting the girl's life in such a dangerous position. There was even gunfire reported at the "protest".

District Herald

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