Army Veteran's Carvana Purchase for His Wife Takes an Unexpected Turn

According to a report, a North Carolina man intended to give his wife a birthday surprise by gifting her a new car, but he was in for a shock when he discovered that the vehicle had been stolen, advertised dishonestly, and sold to him months prior.

WTVD Raleigh-Durham reported that Jason Scott, an Army veteran residing in Moore County, paid over $68,000 in November 2022 for what he believed to be a 2021 Maserati SUV from Carvana, only to discover last month that the car was not what it seemed.

As per the report, the couple brought their car to a nearby Maserati dealership for maintenance in February, and the staff informed them that the VIN on the car, window, and door did not match. The dealership subsequently determined that the vehicle was a stolen 2017 Maserati.

"It was exciting for it to be coming down the hill, waiting for it outside, everything was fine," Scott told the outlet. However, upon inspecting the vehicle, mechanics discovered that "the vehicle was stolen."

"When they check the VIN number on the chassis, that's when they saw that it was a stolen vehicle. VIN on the car, on the window and the car door was different," he continued.

WTVD reported that the police confiscated and impounded the vehicle thereafter.

Scott recounted that he was interrogated by the police, but after providing evidence that he had bought the vehicle from Carvana, he was allowed to leave.

Subsequently, he attempted to seek compensation from the used car dealer who had initially sold him the car.

Despite his efforts, Scott's intricate predicament remained unresolved.

"She said well, we can't trade the vehicle back in until you bring the vehicle back. I said I can't bring the vehicle back. I said the police have the vehicle," Scott said to WTVD.

As reported, Scott presented the police report that indicated the vehicle was impounded and requested the reimbursement of his down payment and monthly payments.

Fox News Digital reached out to Carvana, but no response was received at the time of reporting.

Scott has now hired legal representation and is pursuing a $1 million compensation claim from Carvana for the financial and reputational harm he suffered. Additionally, he is seeking an apology.

According to WTVD, Carvana has replied to Scott's attorney, refuting any prior awareness that the vehicle was stolen at the time of purchase and expressing regret for the ordeal he had to endure.

The company has stated that a customer advocate is assisting Scott in receiving a refund for the money he had already paid for the vehicle. Additionally, he has the option to use the funds to purchase a different car of his preference, as per the report.

Furthermore, the company has offered him $1,000, which he is free to use as he wishes.

Scott has stated that he wants Carvana to take measures to prevent similar incidents from happening to other customers, in addition to receiving a refund for the money he spent.

Although Scott's legal proceedings are ongoing, and Carvana has faced various legal issues in North Carolina and other states, including not delivering titles and selling cars without proper state inspections, the company recently marked its 10th anniversary.

Carvana has positioned itself as a trailblazer in the industry, simplifying the car-buying process by enabling customers to complete it entirely online. They also provide home delivery and a money-back guarantee.

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