Thanks to the coronavirus and the governors which have forced people to stay home for as long as they have, Americans have developed a continually growing distrust of the mainstream media.

In fact, based on recent numbers from a Gallup poll, confidence in the media is at an all-time low.

According to the poll, 60% of Americans have either very little trust or no trust at all. That means that only 40% have some level of trust in the media.

When we look at the demographic breakdown of who trusts and distrusts the media, it should come as no surprise.

A whopping 73% of Democrats have at least a fair amount of trust in the media while only 3% of the Republicans and 6% of Independents said that they have a great deal of trust.

The first time that a group of people that surveyed how people truly believed in media and keep the information to compare to later on was in 1972, a group that was called Gallup.

According to the pollster, trust ranged between 68% and 72% in the 1970s, and though it had declined by the late 1990s, it remained at the majority level until 2004, when it dipped to 44%. After hitting 50% in 2005, it has not risen above 47%.

A Gallop poll conducted in March of this year also sought to gauge the response of Americans to how different institutions have handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the top of the list was U.S. hospitals, followed closely by daycare facilities, employers, and even State governments. In fact, every single institution received a net positive view except the news media. See the full results below:

It's really not difficult to understand why there is so little trust in the media. It's a direct reflection of what they're doing. Not everyone is stupid. We know when we're being lied to for the most part.

The only thing that they need to do to regain some influence and some respect is to just report the news faithfully and quit manipulating the public.

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