Famed attorney and Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz has gained a little more name recognition recently after joining President Trump's legal team during the impeachment trial in the Senate.

Dershowitz recently told Ben Shapiro on his program that he will be likely suing CNN alleging that the network deliberately lied about him.

Dershowitz alleges that they deliberately lied by misrepresenting something he said on the Senate floor during the trial and they did so will ill-intent.

Dershowitz said, “It was doctored. It was as if I said the following, let me tell you now what I don’t believe. I don’t believe a president seeking re-election can do anything, and CNN ran: A president seeking re-election can do anything.”

“That’s not protected by the First Amendment, and it shouldn’t be protected,” said Dershowitz.

“What CNN did is they took all of that out and they made it sound like I was saying [something else]. And then you had these idiots on CNN, people like Paul Begala, who said basically what I said was a president can do anything illegal.”

“I suspect that what happened is, and it’s more than a suspicion, it’s based on information that I have, is that [Jeff] Zucker, the head of CNN, made a willful deliberate decision to have me say something that sounded idiotic in order to hurt my credibility on the hour and ten [minute] speech that I made in front of the Senate. And they deliberately omitted what I had said about criminal conduct to make it sound like I was saying a president can do anything, and then everybody followed suit, everybody on CNN.”

This should come as no surprise that's what CNN is known for now, isn't it? Making up false news stories and pushing them out to the public as being truth.

The Daily Wire

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