President Trump's speech to Congress blew everyone's expectations out of the water to the tune of a 76% approval rating. That means that even the left is starting to get on board with the message President Trump is sending.

The speech was watched by over 48 million Americans!

This graphic from CBS shows the official statistics.

76% Approval Rating

76% Approval Rating for President Trump's Speech to Congress

Here is more, per CBS News:

Viewers nationwide strongly approved of President Trump’s speech Tuesday night, with many Democrats joining Republicans in calling it “presidential” and positive in tone. Republicans and Independents found it “unifying,” though Democrats were slower to come around on that measure.

The President gained support for his policy plans among viewers: Interviewed before and after the address, they came away from it more positive on his ideas for the economy, immigration, terrorism, crime and Obamacare.

As is often the case in addresses to Congress, those who watched were more likely to be from the president’s party – in this case, Republicans. And they described a president they felt was keeping campaign promises and offering an “inspiring” message.

President Trump is doing what almost no other president has done. He is delivering on all of his promises. There is something else he is doing that no one expected. He is toning it down and learning to be presidential. To many people, myself included, this is not as important. However, in order to make the masses happy, that is something he will need to do.

What do you think about the 76% approval rating? Do you think it should be higher? I can't imagine watching that speech and feeling disapproval. The far left is a strange place.

In case you missed the speech, here it is.

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