Michelle Malkin is a beautiful, intelligent Conservative woman. So when Don Lemon tries to push fake news, she shows what a real journalist is.

It is obvious that the left is very worried with how much President Trump has accomplished in his first 30 days. So they create fake news and draw attention to everything outside of the work Trump is doing. Watch this video as Michelle Malkin brushes the fake news aside and goes over what really matters.

Michelle Malkin Blasts Propaganda Media


The jihad-coddling American media. How powerful is that?

Then, Don Lemon tries to push fake media on a real journalist. Didn't go so well for him, did it? If Don Lemon is so confident that the Muslims in Europe are living so peacefully, why doesn't he go over there and see how things work out? Because he knows it's not safe over there, he is just pushing the agenda of the left. The journalist shows real hard numbers that prove Don Lemon is a liar. Rape is up by 50% in this area, but dropped everywhere else in the world. In Don's mind, this is not skyrocketing. He blames it on how rape is classified. Check out this poll to see how Europe feels about Muslim migrants.

Every day people like Don Lemon are out pushing fake news. Luckily there are patriots out their fighting for a better cause. Like and share this on Facebook if you stand with Michelle Malkin.

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