Fox Sports commentator made waves when he declared his allegiance to the 1st Amendment and boobs. Now he is looking at a run for Tennessee Senate in 2018.

Tuesday on his program "Outkick the Coverage" he said he has been "toying with the idea."

"I think I could win," Travis said. "[I] think if you walked around with a camera, I would make the Democrats and the Republicans both incredibly nervous. They would kill to have the recognition in the state."

In case you missed his interview on CNN where he declared the 1st Amendment and boobs as the only two things that have never let him down, you can check it out here.

Daily Wire reached out to Travis about his potential run for Senate. He responded with a third factor in his decision.

"I'm 100% running for Senate if Bob Corker doesn't run for reelection and Peyton Manning doesn't run."

Though Corker and Manning are Republicans, there is no guarantee that Travis runs as a Republican. He has a past on both sides of the aisle.

In an article for Outkick the Coverage he once expressed his displeasure of George W. Bush being elected.

I was furious when George W. Bush beat Al Gore in 2000 because I’d worked on Al Gore’s presidential campaign and desperately wanted him to be president. I mean, I was sick to my stomach, just distraught over the outcome.

But you know what I did, I went to f**king class the next day and I didn’t turn into a p*ssy and start protesting George W. Bush’s presidency or demand a safe space or say I couldn’t take tests or turn in papers.

On the opposite side, he slammed Democrats and liberals during the 2016 election. He also had Donald Trump's back.

With the statements Travis has made recently, one would imagine he would most likely run as a Republican.

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