A 19-year-old man claims she was raped by two NYPD detectives in the back of their van and while she was in the hospital, nine people visited her to talk her out of going to authorities.

When she was 18, Anna Chambers was arrested in Brooklyn on September 15 after she was found smoking marijuana in her car with two male friends.

Two NYPD detectives, Eddie Martins and Richard Hall, took her into the police van after catching her with the drugs.

Chambers claims that once they got her into the van they handcuffed her and forced her into oral sex. After they took turns raping her, they let her go.

The men were charged with several offenses include rape and are currently awaiting their next court date. While they did admit to sexual activity, they claim it was consensual.

19-Year-Old Woman Allegedly Raped By Two NYPD Cops

Per Daily Mail:

After the alleged attack, Chambers went to Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn to be tested with a rape kit. 

It is there that she says nine other officers arrived and tried to bully her out of reporting their colleagues' alleged crime. 

On Saturday, she described their visit for the first time in her own words. 

'At least nine officers showed up to the hospital trying to intimidate me and my mom. 

'I was sitting in the room by myself . . . They were pressing me, saying things like, "Oh, this isn’t the first time you’re having an encounter with the police."

'I was bawling my eyes out. The way they were speaking with me was so rude and aggressive,' she told The New York Post.  

Chambers says the men spoke in her native Russian to try to build a rapport with her and that they claimed Martins and Hall were not police officers. 

Days later, she claims she described the hospital visit to the Internal Affairs Bureau.

Video of 19-year-old Anna Chambers on social media:

Chamber's lawyer has made her client lose faith in law enforcement.

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