Ever heard of a one-man-band? Now get ready for one-woman-protest!

A lone woman glued her breasts to the ground in front of  London’s Goldman Sachs on Fleet Street in protest of climate change. I guess no one ever relayed to her that climate change is completely normal and that it happens over the course of time? Literally, the climate is ever changing and has been since the beginning of our planet.

According to reports from Metro UK, there have been many other climate change activists protesting over the last couple of weeks in London, and many arrests have been made.

Conservative Fighters reports: 

The Sun reported that the woman — who was protesting with Extinction Rebellion — glued her top half to the road outside the global investment company Goldman Sachs.

Police arrived on the scene and surrounded the woman, removing her from the ground at one point. They erected screens to protect her modesty. Officers eventually led her away from the street.

The BBC reported that Extinction Rebellion’s climate change protests have resulted in nearly 1,100 arrests.

In a statement, Extinction Rebellion said, “We will leave the physical locations but a space for truth-telling has been opened up in the world. We know we have disrupted your lives. We do not do this lightly. We only do this because this is an emergency.”

As if that wasn't crazy enough, she is reportedly not the only person to glue themselves somewhere. In another act of protest, police apprehended seven people who glued parts of their bodies to a wall at the London Stock Exchange. They also donned signs warning people about the “climate emergency."

One protester spoke out, stating that the people working at the London Stock Exchange are “making millions, even billions, of pounds out of trading ecological destruction.”

We don't have a climate emergency, folks. We have an idiot emergency. Let's start protesting that.

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