Captain Marvel has not proven herself to be quite so marvelous. Brie Larson, the actress who portrays the superhero, is so feminist and liberal that it actually turns people off of her character. She pushes the agenda on and off the screen and honestly, we are tired of it.

During an interview with Variety, Larson bagged the Marvel Comic Universe for their "lack of" LGBT superheroes. She told host Marc Malkin that "we gotta move faster" in creating these heroes.

Yikes. Stan Lee would be turning in his grave right now if he knew the kind of crap show she is trying to make out of Marvel.

In response to Malkin stating that he'd never imagined seeing an LGBT superhero, Larson said, “That breaks my heart to hear that, because there’s no reason. I don’t understand how you could think that a certain type of person isn’t allowed to be a superhero. So to me it’s like, we gotta move faster. But I’m always wanting to move faster with this stuff.”

Larson and actress Tessa Thompson, AKA Valkyrie in the Marvel Comics, are now also pushing a homosexual relationship between Valkyrie and  Captain Marvel.

Thompson said, "I just love the idea of more women Marvel characters getting to intersect. I just think it's so cool and it's time and why not? There's so many compelling female characters inside of the MCU," she added, "I'm just excited that this new phase promises to have women and queer folks.

Ugh, give us a break!

According to The Daily Wire, Larson also criticizes and puts down men on the regular. While on tour to promote Captain Marvel, “She insulted sound guys putting microphones on women; she decried white men asking questions during the media tour.”

Then after an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, they reported:

There were days when the intensity of the training reduced her to tears and days when she got irritated by men at Walsh's West Hollywood gym who doubted her strength. “This guy watched me lift something really heavy, and he went, 'Wow, I can't even lift that!' As if he were the epitome of health," Larson says. "I said, 'Yeah, I guess you're going to have to rethink your gender norms.'"

Contrary to what this short haired, SJW, feminist "superhero" is trying to push, we do not want a society of weak men. Men and women are created differently for a reason, because we are meant for different roles in life.

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