Father James Martin SJ has some explaining to do to the big man upstairs after an act like this...

LGBT promoting Jesuit priest James Martin chose a painting from the Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision collection book to illustrate Jesus tossing the temple tables, driving out the money changers from the temple. The picture is part of a series of 24 pieces from painter Douglas Blanchard that very clearly depicts the Son of God as a homosexual.

He sent a photo of the painting out with a tweet about the Gospel reading from Friday's Mass. It read, "Gospel: Today Jesus drives the money-changers from the Temple (Lk 19). NT scholars say this was one of the main events that precipitated his execution. Yet Jesus is not cowed by opponents. Another Gospel says "zeal" for his Father's house "consumes him." Also notice that Jesus..."

Amazon's description for the book reads, “Meet Jesus as a gay man of today in a contemporary city with The Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision. In stunning new images, the modern Christ figure is jeered by fundamentalists, tortured by Marine look-alikes, and rises again to enjoy homoerotic moments with God.”

“The 24 paintings in the gay Passion cover Jesus’ final days, including his arrest, trial, crucifixion, and resurrection," the description continues, "A queer Passion is important now because Christianity is being used to justify hate and discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.”

The LGBT movement is not benign. It is now brazenly revealing itself to be the most grave satanic threat to the Church today, and Fr. James Martin, SJ is leading the coup attempt within the Roman Catholic Church.

Someone needs to tell this man that this is NOT the gospel..

Life Site News reports: 

The tweet is perhaps an admission by Fr. Martin of his ultimate intent as well as an admission of the anti-Christian and anti-Christ intent underlying the LGBT cultural movement: To co-opt the message of the Gospel, to dethrone Jesus Christ in the hearts and minds of Christians, and to install homosexuality and transgenderism in His place.

Twitter users respond: ‘You would be the first one that Our Lord would drive out of His house’.

Martin is leading people own the wrong path, even teaching that the bible is okay with gay sex:

Jesus was the holiest man to ever walk the earth, and was free of sin. To insinuate that he lived a life of sin, indulging in homosexual actives with other men is extremely nauseating and disrespectful.

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