Wheel of Fortune's Pat Sajak and Crowd Gasp to Answer that 'Belongs in hall of fame'

A Wheel of Fortune contestant shocked the audience with an NSFW guess. Pat Sajak even gasped.

On the popular game show, contestants tried to figure out the phrase on the board. They all had their eyes on the prize.

At the episode's start, the $1,000 Toss Up began. Letters slowly popped up.

Player Marcus rang in first. "Right in the butt?" he said.

The crowd, other contestants, and Pat Sajak, 77, all gasped and laughed. But the answer was incorrect.

"No," Pat said seriously, a few seconds later, after realizing what Marcus said.

Marcus looked embarrassed. He placed his buzzer down.

"What?" cried contestant Tyra on the far right. Blake, in the middle, laughed.

After the crowd stopped laughing, Blake got the answer correctly. It was "This is the best!"

"Much better answer," Marcus said, clapping for Blake's win.

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