Carnival Cruise Issues a Warning About a Gross Problem

Living on a cruise ship is like being in an apartment or a college dorm. Your actions can affect nearby cabins. It's worse because cruise ships have thin walls and shared systems.

If the people next to you have a crying baby or loud arguments, you'll hear it. Noise travels easily through cruise-ship cabins from all sides.

Carnival Cruise Line warns passengers about a dangerous mistake. Inconsiderate neighbors can create uncomfortable situations, but they are usually short-lived and affect only a few cabins.

Cruise lines have many rules for safety and courtesy. You can't smoke on your cabin's balcony. It's a fire hazard and inconsiderate.

You also need to wear clothes on your balcony. It's not a safety issue, but it's about courtesy. Balconies are not fully private. Neighbors can see you, and sometimes others can too.

Good bathroom etiquette is important on cruise ships. Cruise lines warn passengers about sensitive plumbing. They have signs about not flushing paper towels, feminine hygiene products, and diapers.

Royal Caribbean plays a video on its house channel. It shows items you shouldn't flush, including keys and produce. This video suggests many unusual items have been flushed.

A clogged toilet can cause problems for an entire section of the ship. Carnival Cruise Line's Brand Ambassador John Heald shared a warning on Facebook. It's about Wet Wipes.

Heald shared a story from a plane trip. A woman next to him used Wet Wipes to clean her seat. This reminded him to warn about flushing Wet Wipes on ships.

Luigi, a senior fleet plumber, hates Wet Wipes. Despite signs not to flush them, people still do. This creates problems for the ship's plumbing.

Luigi often has to fix these issues. It involves unpleasant work and can affect many toilets. If not addressed quickly, it can lead to overflows.

Heald asked passengers not to flush Wet Wipes. Use sanitary bags and let your stateroom attendant dispose of them. This helps keep the plumbing system working smoothly.

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