Senator Ted Cruz did the absolute unthinkable: he posted a video on Twitter of himself quoting the Pledge of Allegiance in front of an American flag.

GASP. How dare he post something like that!

Twitter users quickly jumped on the opportunity to attack him. Some users questioned why he was posting the pledge when he should be focusing on the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) instead.

ERCOT said a significant number of forced generation outages and potential record electricity use in June have resulted in tight grid conditions. The energy company is asking Texas residents to reduce their electricity use by turning off lights and pool pumps and to avoid using large appliances like ovens, washing machines and dryers in order to help conserve power.


"Texas is broken. This is one of the guys that broke it. The grid is about to collapse again and this is Ted Cruz's response," replied comedian Christopher Titus. "He's done nothing for Texas but damn is he a carnival barker of fear mongering and bulls**t.

"I guess all the flights to Cancun were booked," Titus added.

I think the controversy here is that you are violating the flag's personal space. (That and the fact that you are pledging allegiance to it after inciting a treasonous riot.)

— Misha Collins (@mishacollins) June 15, 2021

I served on active duty. Democrats support:
-The Flag
-Child tax credits

Democrats oppose:
-Voter suppression
-Unreliable electrical power

None of this is controversial.

— Ted Lieu (@tedlieu) June 15, 2021

Another Twitter user said, "Stop the performative grievance-baby nonsense, you grandstanding huckster, reciting the Pledge is not controversial. pledge to the flag all you want — the next time you're in a Cancun airport while your constituents are freezing in the dark, for example."

"Certified election results didn't used to be controversial, you traitorous t**t," said West Wing actor Bradley Whitford. "Neither did defending your father and your wife."

Singer Richard Marx replied: "It's 'used to be,' Rafael, you illiterate clown. What IS still controversial is inciting an insurrection; leaving your state's residents during a deadly crisis to chill in Mexico; and licking the taint of the man who called your father a murderer and your wife ugly."

Wow. Who knew so many people would get so upset over a video of a US lawmaker reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

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