NBC News reporter Jonathan Allen was on C-SPAN this week, speaking on the "Washington Journal." The reporter said Bill Clinton warned the DNC Chair to keep Bernie Sanders out of power. According to Callen, Bill Clinton told Perez to "not let the party go to Bernie Sanders folks."

Allen is the author of Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton's Doomed Campaign. He claims that Perez received "explicit instruction" from Bill Clinton and the Democratic establishment to keep the far leftists from gaining control of the party.

The DNC is unpopular with its own base. Half of the Democratic Party, or roughly half the Democratic Party, felt like the DNC was unfairly tipping the scales in the last presidential election trying to get Hillary Clinton nominated, trying to hurt Bernie Sanders. So you start with that bad blood, and really there’s just been a clash between these two sides that has resumed; the hostilities that had been put aside at the Democratic convention in 2016 resumed the minute that Donald Trump was elected.

This huge battle for the soul of the Democratic Party between the Clinton-type folks and the Sanders folks. And Tom Perez is in the middle of that and he’s gotten very explicit instructions from President Clinton—as we write in the paperback extension of the original book—he’s gotten instructions from Bill Clinton not to let the party go to the Bernie Sanders folks.

Remember, back before in 2016 during the New Hampshire primary when Bill Clinton said, “The online campaign is, ‘Anybody who doesn’t agree with me is the tool of the establishment.’”

Watch the video:


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