Once again Joe Biden is talking tough. He first did it back in October 2016 when he threatened to take President Trump behind the gym. This was one of the first times the left started their trend of pushing violence.

Biden made this bold proclamation about a month before the 2016 election.

Joe Biden suggests he'd beat up Trump

In March Biden took it a step further when he threatened to "beat the hell out of" President Trump.

Well it's November 2018 and Creepy Joe is still ready to beat some ass.

On Thursday he called on Democrats to show Republican Rep. Kevin Cramer "a threshold of pain."

Here's what is happening:

Biden sees Trump's tough talk and he sees how it works. Now he is desperately trying to replicate it and failing miserably. He doesn't come off as tough. He comes off as a desperate liberal doing whatever he can to draw attention.

The left realizes the blue wave is pretty much a pipe dream at this point. The midterm is coming and it's becoming a reality that it's not going to be a blue wave. Liberals are coming to terms with the harsh reality that a "red wave" is coming. The House and Senate are going to remain red.

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