Dan Ferguson, an angel dad and retired educator whose daughter was killed by an illegal alien, is hoping to speak with Nancy Pelosi about border security. This is according to an interview on Fox's "America's Newsroom" that happened on February 13.

While appearing on the show he voiced his frustration over the circumstances that led to his daughter's death and believes if there was immigration reform her death would have been prevented.

Amanda Weyant-Ferguson was killed last November when she was ran over by an illegal alien who had went on a drinking spree and ran two red lights before hitting the 28-year-old school teacher who was on the crosswalk.

24-year-old Joel Velasquez is currently facing charges for manslaughter, accident involving death and tampering with evidence.

Father Whose Daughter Was Killed by Illegal Alien Hopes to Speak with Pelosi About Border Security

Joel Velasquez (El Paso Police)

Ferguson said this accident would have been prevented if ICE was notified about an incident Velasquez was involved with in 2017 when he knocked his neighbor's two front teeth out.

“He was arrested … deported in 2012. He entered the country again illegally which made him a felon. He was then arrested on aggravated assault charges and put in jail. But he was released on bond before they notified ICE,” Ferguson said while on Fox.

“I’m a firm believer if they would have notified ICE and they would have picked this guy up after his assault on his neighbor, he knocked his neighbor’s front teeth out… ICE would have had a detainer on this guy,” Ferguson continued.

he said that he hopes to join other "angel moms" and "angel dads" and meet up with Pelosi.

More, per NTD.com:

“We want to show her we’re not a bunch of crazy people,” Ferguson told America’s Newsroom. “We are the American citizens that President Trump is trying to protect.”

He also wants to share his experience living in El Paso before and after a wall was built.

“I’ve lived in El Paso for 45 years. I’ve seen the results before the wall and after the wall,” he said. “When I was in school in El Paso there were gangs rampant throughout our city.”

“I use to watch border patrol agents chase down illegal aliens and tackle them in the playground of our school. That was before the wall. After the wall, all these incidents had stopped.”

In a previous interview with Fox and Friends, Ferguson said, “if Ms. Pelosi’s or Mr. Schumer’s daughter or son were hit and killed by an illegal alien, I can guarantee you that funding would have been there months ago for this wall and security for our border.”

There is example after example of reasons why the border needs to be secured. He even went on to explain how he has seen first hand how walls work since he lives in El Paso, Texas.

Will Pelosi take him up on his offer? Not likely, but we'll keep an eye on the situation.

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