It seems to usually be the case that when Antifa thug is confronted, they run away. This instance in Portland is no different.

The Antifa protester was harassing a women who lost her husband in the 9/11 attacks. Soon after the protester was confronted by a group of bigger men who appeared to be from the right-wing "Proud Boys" group.

There is more footage that shows the Antifa thug and his friends taunting counter protesters across the street. After they fired back and forth exchanges for a while, a large bald man began walking toward the Antifa punk.

“You callin’ my mom out?” the large Proud Boy questioned.

At this point the Antifa punk decided it was a good time to start running away.

At this point the Proud Boy asked him, "Why you running?"

More footage shows the Antifa members on another street corner when the Proud Boys tracked them down again. Antifa takes off running again and a few of the Proud Boys are talking about "chasing them down."

These fools have no problem harassing women, but when they are challenged by men they immediately take off running. This is how things currently are in Portland.

Antifa Thug gets punked by Proud Boys

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