Antifa showed up to make things dicey after President Trump's speech in Phoenix. Here is some instant karma when this Antifa thug gets nailed in the sack by a tear gas canister. This guy got a little bit more than he bargained for. He got hit directly in the nuts by a tear gas canister or "pepper ball" that was fired at him by the Phoenix police. What made it worse? It was all broadcasted on live TV for the world to see.

Watch the video.

Antifa Thug Gets Nailed In The Sack

Initially the protester was kicking a can of tear gas toward the police. Then just a few seconds after that he takes a shot to the sack and you can see a cloud of dust. He lays on the ground riving in pain until his good buddy Colin Kaepernick comes and helps him up. Alright, you have to admit that the guy who helps the protester wearing a Kaepernick jersey is perfect.

It's a shame that a safe pro-Trump event is just not an option thanks to these fools from Antifa. At least this guy paid the price for showing up and looking to cause violence. A shot to the family jewels from a gas canister is no small price to pay.

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