A university researcher from the University of Wisconsin says English is too hard for minorities and they should be taught ebonics instead.

The Daily Cardinal Reported that the researcher, Erika Gallagher, “realized, as she sat in her seminar class of predominantly white students, that she wanted to focus on standard written English and how it excludes marginalized groups.”

All it took was three interviews by Gallagher with "leaders from marginalized groups" for her to determine that having to use standard English was "overly oppressive."

University Researcher Says English is Too Hard for Minorities, Erika Gallagher

According to Gallagher, one of the leaders said, “it is the biggest form of cognitive dissonance that exists.”

Gallagher is hoping to start a non profit that "teaches teachers to teach." Part of this will be teaching the teachers to know and accept ebonics.

“Just because you speak a different way doesn’t mean you’re not smart,” she said. “But there’s a huge stigma around it. I want to teach [educators] a different rhetoric, teach them more to be more accepting.”

It could be found racist that Gallagher does not think minorities are able to understand English like other students. What do you think about Gallagher's take on minorities and their study of the English language as well as use of ebonics?

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