Ukraine Adds American Sandwich Chain to List of 'International War Sponsors'

Subway, the massive American sandwich chain, is now called an "international war sponsor" by Ukraine. This is because they keep running over 500 stores in Russia. Ukraine says this helps pay for Russia's war against them.

Ukraine's anti-corruption agency says Subway is using Russian social networks and delivery services. This supports Russia.

Subway is now on a list with other big companies like PepsiCo. They are named for doing business in Russia.

The former home of the "Fiver Dollar Footlong" has been in Russia for over 20 years. They have 550 stores there. Ukraine says this makes Subway part of those who fund harm against Ukrainians.

Subway was first asked to stop their business in Russia in 2022. This was when Russia began its attack on Ukraine. But they didn't reduce their work in Russia.

The Ukrainian agency says Subway still gets money from its stores in Russia.

Subway says they support Ukraine. But they claim they can't stop their business in Russia. This is because of the way their company is set up with franchises.

The company says they are thinking about the people in Ukraine. They want to help those hurt by the war. They are giving meals to refugees and will use money from Russia to help Ukrainians.

Subway also says that their stores in Russia are run by local owners. These owners manage their own stores.

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