There are two things I love: Tucker Carlson and when Tucker Carlson goes off on liberals. So listening to the Fox News host obliterate President Joe Biden made my whole night.

Carlson began by describing Biden's absolute train wreck of a conference: "Joe Biden shuffled forth from seclusion this afternoon for a rare solo press conference. You may have seen it. It’s about as communist Punxsutawney Phil emerging. In fact, according to statisticians who keep track of this sort of thing, it was only his second since taking office a full year ago. And by the end, you are wishing that Joe Biden spoke in public less often."

He continued, "The whole thing was awful. It was totally weird and embarrassing, not just to him but to the country."

Then he touched base on the possibility of an unnecessary war with Russia regarding Ukraine. Carlson explained, "At one point Biden treated us to a stream of consciousness thoughts about his son’s former employer. That would be a small corrupt nation called Ukraine."

"Apparently Ukraine’s eastern border with Russia, unlike say, our southern border with Mexico is a sacred boundary created by God that must be protected at all costs up to and including American lives. Why is that? Joe Biden didn’t say," he continued. "The whole thing was confusing enough that we are going to spend some time unpacking in at much greater length on tomorrow’s show. But in the meantime, here is what you should know. You are currently funding a proxy battle in Ukraine against the nuclear armed Russian military and that could very well erupt into a hot war that includes you, the United States."

However, he wasn't done there! Carlson then dragged Biden for claiming that he has "outperformed" as president.

"'I outperformed.' Well, it is true actually, outperformed, meaning more Americans have died from corona on my watch than under evil anti-science Cheeto-man, which isn’t easy, you dog-faced pony soldier. Stick that in your hat and smoke," Carlson taunted. "It got weirder from there. Biden talked about his so-called voting rights legislation, which only Nazis oppose. Without that legislation, the next election will almost certainly be fraudulent, rigged, illegitimate, stolen."

He declared, "No one is listening to Joe Biden anymore. He is weak. He commands no respect. The world no longer cares what he says and as if to prove it, just hours before Biden spoke today, Starbucks, the left-wing coffee chain that under usual circumstances, worships Joe Biden and his party, Starbucks announced that its 200,000 employees no longer have to get the vax."

"It was mandatory at Starbucks; it is not anymore. They are dropping that requirement. Well, that is kind of a big change. This is in direct contradiction to Joe Biden’s personal orders," Carlson added. "What does this mean? Well, it means they’ve decided the senile mannequin in the White House knows less about COVID than they do, and they may be onto something."

Mic drop.

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