President Trump drafts an executive order that is going to go a long way in stopping immigrants from robbing this country blind. For instance, this will keep would-be immigrants who will be on welfare from entering the country. On the flip side, it will potentially deport immigrants who are reliant on welfare.

Trump Drafts an Executive Order, welfare, immigrants, illegal

The language of the order portrays immigrants as a drain on the economy. It will take action and address the issue in several ways.

Trump Drafts an Executive Order

Here is what the executive order would do, per the Washington Post:

  • Direct various federal agencies to more strictly identify and exclude potential immigrants likely to need certain types of public aid and deport those already in the United States who have had to rely on social services help.
  • Command federal officials to determine how much the federal government could save — it specifically suggests a savings of $100 billion — if immigrants were limited to getting “only the public benefits that they are eligible to receive.”
  • Compel federal officials to demand reimbursement from people inside the United States who made legal promises to support immigrant relatives, if necessary.
  • Require social service agencies to report immigrant benefit recipients to federal authorities.

On top of that, the order requires a lot of research. It claims that this order would generate $100 billion in savings.

Additionally, immigration is a very complex issue. Citizenship statuses change regularly. Many households have legal and illegal immigrants living together. At least 5.1 million children live in the United States with a parent who is an unauthorized immigrant.

It's a sticky issue and it will be interesting to see how the Trump administration goes about putting the executive order in place. While reform is needed, it will not be easy.

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