It's no secret much of the mainstream media promotes conflict to sell papers. Knowing this, Rep. Trey Gowdy rips The Washington Post one last time before retiring. Gowdy said that the reason The Washington Post promotes divisive politics is because "conflict sells."

While appearing on CBS "This Morning" Gowdy was asked by anchor Bianna Golodryga if he agrees with President Trump that Bezos is using The Washington Post as a political weapon.

Gowdy was honest when admitting that he does not read The Washington Post very often, but he did say that the headlines on their editorial pages stand out to him for a reason.

Per Daily Wire:

“I will tell you this, and I mean this and I don’t mean offense to anyone in your line of work anymore than I do in my line of work — I think conflict sells,” Gowdy said. “And I think contrast is good and its healthy…conflict sells.”

“There are times when I will look at the webpage on The Washington Post and almost every editorial — almost every opinion,  that’s different from news — almost every editorial, if you’re a Republican, they’re hard to read,” he continued.

Watch the video: Trey Gowdy rips The Washington Post

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