Texas Sexual Education Teacher Removed After Criminal History Revealed

The Godley, Texas school district recently rescinded the appointment of a woman who was designated to aid in determining age-appropriate material for sex education, following revelations of her past conviction for prostitution.

FOX 4 in Dallas disclosed that the woman, known as Ashley Ketcherside, continues to advertise as an escort online, with her profile active on one website as recently as last month.

This incident has sparked debate. While some people are puzzled by the decision to involve a convicted prostitute in a school district, it has also prompted broader worries about the thoroughness of background checks in the Godley ISD and other districts across Texas.

"We had no idea what was going on in her personal life. She was always very friendly and personable," Godley ISD School Board trustee Kayla Lain told the news station.

Mary Lowe from the nonprofit organization Families Engaged for Effective Education made remarks regarding Ketcherside's past as a convicted prostitute and her role in a council tasked with recommending "appropriate grade levels and methods for human sexuality instruction" in the district.

"I don’t see any community wanting that to be the standard for their school district," she said.

Ketcherside was a member of a School Health Advisory Council (SHAC), which is mandated by state law for school districts. These councils are established to offer guidance to school boards on various health education policies for students, including "appropriate grade levels and curriculum for instruction regarding [...] sex trafficking."

Lain informed the media outlet that she learned about Ketcherside's past involvement in prostitution through Lowe and the nonprofit organization Lowe is associated with.

A Godley ISD video on YouTube shows Ketcherside participating in the council's inaugural meeting of the year in October. According to the meeting minutes, she is recorded as a committee member, a position to which members are nominated by the school board, as per a statement from a district spokesperson.

The spokesperson also mentioned that Ketcherside's family became part of the district this year. She was appointed to the Long-Range Facility Planning Committee by Godley ISD Superintendent Rich Dear.

In addition, Ketcherside reportedly volunteered for the Family and Community Engagement Committee, the Parent Teacher Organization, and the Godley Athletic Booster Club, where her husband is also involved. Besides these roles, Ashley Ketcherside leads a local cheerleading group, as acknowledged by Godley ISD.

Lowe shared with FOX 4 that parents began harboring doubts about Ketcherside after she claimed to own several businesses, but details regarding these businesses were not readily available.

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