Things got hostile on Tuesday in Texas. Matt Rinaldi, a Republican Texas state representative, called ICE on illegal immigrants who were protesting in the state capitol. Poncho Nevarez, Texas Democrat admits he shoved GOP colleague Matt Rinaldi.

Per Rinaldi's Facebook: “Today, Representative Poncho Nevarez threatened my life on the House floor after I called ICE on several illegal immigrants who held signs in the gallery which said ‘I am illegal and here to stay.’ Several Democrats encouraged the protestors to disobey law enforcement."

Later on Tuesday, Nevarez admitted that he "shoved around" Rinaldi. In Nevarez's mind, this was justified.

“I did shove him around a little bit, I pushed him, because he needed to get out of there,” Nevarez said.

“I got in his face and I put my hands on the guy,” Nevarez also said. “In another exchange, I said, ‘we need to take this outside because it shouldn’t get resolved here in front of all these people.'”

Nevarez countered with a claim that his colleagues heard Rinaldi say he was "going to put a bullet" in Nevarez's head. In Rinald's statement he countered this by saying he would only use his gun in self defense.

Watch the video.

Texas Democrat Admits He Shoved GOP Colleague

Nevarez wasn't done. He said, “He’s a racist. He’s a bad person. We’re not going to allow people like that to get away with saying comments like that because they think nothing’s gonna happen to ’em.”

He seems to think shoving someone the way he did was an acceptable action.

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