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Rumors Swirling Elizabeth Warren Facing 'Political Destruction' Amid Talks CFPB engaged In Multi-Million Dollar Scheme

In the mythical land of liberal, there is a thing called a gender wage gap. The left believes that there is some sort of magical gap between wages paid to men and wages paid to women for the exact same job. However, it does not actually exist out here in the real world. Elizabeth Warren, …


Socialism SUCKS! I would write that a million more times if I thought it would make a difference to those who actually believe it is a good system. Instead, I have one words for them: Venezuela. Modern Democrats are leaning more and more towards socialism and it’s mind-blowing to me! You know what makes our …

Elizabeth Warren

Senator Elizabeth Warren, infamously known as Fauxcahontas, is protesting the new abortion law in Alabama. Alabama State Senate passed a bill on Tuesday, 25-6, that bans and criminalizes all abortion, including cases of rape and incest. The only exception is if the mothers life is as risk. The penalty for doctors who perform the abortions …