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"You Spent $20 Million on Firewood?"

Jason Chaffetz is out there fighting for our country. Part of that is stopping out of control spending. “You spent $20 million on firewood?” Chaffetz asks the Department of Defense in this video. Mr. Sopko starts squirming in his chair and has a hard time responding to Chaffetz’s question. He even says, “we don’t hold …

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Jason Chaffetz is not afraid to lay down the lay. In this video he’s all about holding people accountable. “You spent $75,000 on 25 bicycles.” Check it out. What an incredible video. Jason Chaffetz takes no prisoners. Like and share this on Facebook if you enjoyed it.

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Hillary Clinton has escaped criminal charges, but she has been unable to escape the backlash of a nation. While she will not be charged for keeping classified information on a private server, she could face charges for lying about it. To make things clear, there is a great chance that the FBI is going to …


Just days ago FBI Director James Comey announced that they will not be pushing for an indictment for Hillary Clinton. Soon after the head of the House Oversight and Government Reform reached a decision themselves. Director Comey has been summoned to testify before his panel this week. This is due to the outrage caused by …