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Trump Gives Mike Pence A Powerful Message To Deliver To Troops

Science fiction fans are likely losing their minds at the newest announcement from Vice President Mike Pence: a sixth military branch called the U.S. Space Command is set to launch on August 29th. This comes after President Trump called for the Department of Defense to start preparing to create a U.S. Space Force. The future …

They forced the priest to kneel in front of his congregation and butchered him. The priest was 84 years old. These killings have been claimed by ISIS. The killers were shot dead. France has officially announced they are at war with ISIS. Strong and swift action needs to be taken against ISIS.

No matter how much this country divides within, the USA still steps up when their friends are in need. Moments after the truck attacks happened in France, this powerful message was delivered from the United States to their friends in France. Like and share on Facebook if you agree with this powerful message.