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Anonymous was able to leak the Clinton Foundation payoff of $375,000 to Khan. The money was sent from a Wells Fargo account to KM Khan Law Office in New York City. It was an attempt by Hillary to pit Trump directly against the military. The media has been hammering Trump over this issue for the past …


So there is some good news, brought to us by Natalie Johnson by the Washington Free Beacon, is that the Clinton Foundation will be investigated. The bad news is they most likely will not do anything about it. Check out the video for more info. How sick is this? Please prove us wrong IRS.


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is very confident that his next leak will sink Hillary Clinton and lead to her indictment. Assange recently did an interview with ITV stating that his website will be releasing enough documents to lead the Department of Justice to indict the Democratic presidential nominee. They have already published over 30,000 of …

Hillary flip flops

Politicians have to make a lot of key decisions. They have to change with the time and adapt. Changing a stance on something happens. That said, Hillary has made it into a weekly thing it seems. At some point we have to wonder what she really stands for. Here are 5 of her biggest flip …