Stormy Daniels Takes Shot at Trump Supporters: 'Suicide Bombers'

Stormy Daniels called Trump's supporters "suicide bombers" on "The View." She described them as vicious, encouraged by Trump's indictment.

Daniels is key in the Manhattan criminal case about a 2016 hush money payment. Trump's followers have intensified attacks against her, believing they're patriotic.

"I said in some interview or somewhere, I believe, that they're more like suicide bombers this time around, where they honestly and truly believe they are being patriotic, and that I am like the devil," Daniels said.

She said these supporters see her as the devil, convinced of their patriotic duty. The case involves a $130,000 payment to silence her alleged affair with Trump before the election.

Trump denies the affair and pleaded not guilty, accusing DA Bragg of political targeting. Initially, attacks on Daniels were frequent but superficial, focused on her career or calling her a "gold-digger."

Now, attacks are fewer but more severe, with some not even hiding their identity. Daniels once feared for her life, recalling a threat in a parking lot for selling her story.

Cohen, Trump's lawyer, admitted to arranging the payment, implicating Trump indirectly. Trump later admitted to reimbursing Cohen, despite initial denials.

Trump's claim of presidential immunity in this case was rejected by a judge. His trial is delayed until at least April 15, awaiting a Supreme Court decision on his immunity.

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