The New York Times is complete trash and it's amazing that they're still in business. Who knows how long it may last though.

New York Times writer Paul Krugman put out a racist tweet about racism.

In the tweet, he said that Flordia's elderly population was not only 'white supremacists' driving golf carts but called for their deaths. Specifically, he's almost hoping that the most vulnerable population in Flordia would die of COVID-19.

This all began after Bloomberg news released a story Monday that claimed Florida's COVID-19 numbers were on the rise:

"Florida is reporting an unprecedented number of Covid-19 cases, but Governor Ron DeSantis has pointed to the relatively low median age of the sick -- 36 -- to suggest that the outbreak isn’t having serious clinical consequences.

But now, record numbers of Floridians 75 and older are testing positive for Covid-19, according the latest report from Sunday, which reflects data through Saturday."

Older Floridians largely avoided the state-wide uptick in cases earlier in the month. However, that has been changing in the past week.

Krugman then tweeted, "Reality is coming for white supremacists driving golf carts"

Fortunately, not everyone was as amused as Krugman and started attacking him for his 'psychopathic' comment as a journalist at The Intercept pointed out:

Greg Price said, "Paul Krugman is just a straight up sociopath at this point and the New York Times still expects us to take him seriously as an economist"

Krugman's tweet even caught the attention of a humans rights lawyer: "Paul Krugman calls much of the elderly Floridian population "white supremacists". A huge chunk of them is actually Jewish (and would hardly be considered white elsewhere)."

Another user added that his parents live in Florida and that Krugman's comment was "morally abhorrent":

"Professor, my parents are elderly Florida residents, are not white supremacists, and I find you basically rooting for their deaths to be among the most morally abhorrent things I've seen on Twitter, and that's saying something."

I have no idea who is running the show at NYT, but clearly they don't care what their writers say. Even if they're practically hoping a bunch of seniors catch a potentially life-threatening disease.

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