Once again, Sheriff Clarke is using the truth to his advantage. Sheriff Clarke on President Obama: He has rubbed the stain of slavery in white people's faces for 8 years. Check out the video.

Sheriff Clarke on President Obama

Sheriff Clarke: Look, this guy continually for eight years has rubbed the stain of slavery has rubbed white people’s nose in the stain of slavery. He’s done it for eight years. He’s about 150 years removed from slavery. Nobody said forget about it but you have to move on at some point and he will not allow America to do that. And until he leaves the White House we’re going to have to put up with it.

Sheriff Clarke does a great job of picking up on Obama's rhetoric and exposing it. Whether it's fake news, Michelle Obama or President Obama, the Sheriff exposes them. This has been old for years. Not much longer and President Obama will finally be GONE. He has spread false narratives in this country and caused an increased racial divide.

We need help getting out the word of Sheriff Clarke. He has exposed Black Lives Matter and now it is time for him to expose President Obama.

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