Donald Trump was in the headlines, which is nothing new. A few days ago it was reported that Obama paid $400 million to have hostages in Iran released. Trump has since claimed to have a video of Iran unloading $400 million which was given in exchange for them releasing the American hostages.

President Obama has insisted time and time again that this was not a payment in exchange for releasing the hostages. He says it was just not good timing. Much of the evidence points to the fact that Obama is wrong and Trump is right.

A new video from The Washington Free Beacon proves that Trump was right. First, it shows pallets of money that are from the United States. Second, an Iranian official is quoted as saying, “This was just part of the ‘expensive price’ to release Americans.” Expensive price is what seals is. That wouldn't be said unless referring to ransom. Check out the video.

It looks like once again, Trump is right and Obama is wrong. Like and share on Facebook if you are sick and tired of the lies of Obama.

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