When it comes to pushing COVID propaganda, the Democratic governors have a lock on that business.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who I prefer to refer to as the Wicked Witch of the North, took her propaganda to a new level. This time, she decided to target children and used Santa Claus to do so.

Whitmer held a Zoom call with Santa Claus at the North Pole for some children so that they would be able to speak to him.

They were obviously coached on what to ask Santa, and none of them asked about toys. It was all about the coronavirus...just the thing that's on every 5 year old's mind right now.

Here's a transcript from the conversation with Santa. Notice all the propaganda that Santa keeps pushing throughout the conversation. It follows their idiotic idea that they need to wear masks when no one is sick. Since when is this an actual thing?

Studies have already shown that wearing a mask has almost no effect in keeping anyone from contracting the virus.

Whitmer: Does anyone have a question for Santa Claus?

Young boy: Santa, do you have to wear a mask?

Santa: When I’m in my workshop with all my elves, we all are masked up and social distancing.

Two young girls: Hi Santa. Hi Santa.

Very young boy: Can we leave out cookies and milk and also some carrots for the reindeer this year?

Santa: Yes, please do. Set out carrots and cookies if you can.

Very young boy: We’ll also set hand sanitizer if you’re done with the cookies and milk.

Whitmer: That was a good suggestion.

This kid is already so brainwashed that he's wanting to set out sanitizer for Santa so he can what? Sanitize his hands after he eats so he doesn't get sick? This makes no sense.

Very young girl: Excuse me, Santa. Is there coronavirus in the North Pole?

Santa: Everyone has been testing negative. We’re still getting tested. I think we’re so far up north that it might not be getting to us, but we’re not gonna take any chances. We’re all gonna mask up. We’re all gonna wash our hands, and we’re all gonna stay six feet apart.

Children: Thank you, Santa.

Young girl: Hi. How can we keep people safe for Christmas?

Santa: What I would suggest to do is what the governor is telling all the people of the great state of Michigan to do. Social distance, wash your hands and make sure you wear your mask when you’re outside your home.

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