Americans, for the most part, are doing the right thing right now in taking proper precautions while dealing with this pandemic.

When people are going out in public, most people are wearing masks and being respectful of keeping a distance between other people.

Others are wearing gloves at many times when they're dealing with things outside of their home environment. On top of that, people are washing their hands a lot more than they used to. Hopefully, this trend will continue long after the coronavirus is gone.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, on the other hand, seems to not care too much about this. Last week, while she was giving a speech on the floor, what she did was not only disgusting but dangerous.

In the video below, you can see Pelosi wipe snot from her dripping nose then put her hand on the podium from where she was speaking, getting the snot all over it.

This is certainly against the CDC guidelines. Just think about how many members of Congress are older in age, such as her 80-year-old self.

Benny Johnson tweeted,

"Pelosi wipes her dripping nose with her bare, shivering hand and then wipes that hand all over the House floor podium used by all other members of Congress."

"She wants to spend trillions of your money fighting China virus but can’t practice basic hygiene"

It's so ridiculous to watch her or Chuck Schumer speak in the first place. Anytime they get up to talk, it just looks entirely too fake. We know she's completely insincere and it seems like she's just putting on a show for the people.

Then you've got Chuck Schumer who waves his hands while speaking to try and give some flare to what he's saying to make it appear as though he really is passionate about whatever it is he's talking about, but he couldn't care less. The only thing they care about is power.

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