During a Super Tuesday coverage, an MSNBC panel led by Rachel Maddow mocked Virginia Republican voters for prioritizing border and immigration issues. The discussion quickly turned controversial.

Joy Reid criticized White working-class Republican voters. She suggested their voting behavior was racially motivated, overlooking the economic benefits from President Biden. "They're voting on race," Reid claimed, emphasizing the perceived threat of an "invasion of Brown people."

Jen Psaki, former White House press secretary, echoed Reid's sentiments, surprised by Virginia exit polls placing immigration at the forefront. Amidst laughter, Maddow quipped, "Virginia does have a border with West Virginia," highlighting the perceived absurdity.

Former President Trump's Virginia victory underscored his continued influence, with immigration a key concern for his supporters. Psaki lamented Trump's fearmongering about people who look different.

Maddow criticized the perennial focus on borders during Democratic presidencies, noting the surge in migrants under Biden's watch. She argued that Republicans create scapegoats, particularly when a Democrat is president.

The panel critiqued Trump for undermining bipartisan border legislation, implying he prefers the problem unsolved. However, MSNBC's tone sparked backlash.

The House Judiciary GOP and others condemned MSNBC's dismissiveness towards immigration concerns. They referenced the tragic murder of Laken Riley by an illegal immigrant, highlighting the real-world impacts.

Critics, including Joe Walsh, chastised MSNBC for mocking Americans worried about immigration. Walsh called the segment "arrogant" and "out of touch," a poor reflection on Democrats.

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