Politico Points to the Exact Moment Biden's Presidency Started to 'Spiral Out of Control'

With Biden's approval ratings in the tank for most of his presidency, it's hard to remember exactly when his presidency began to "spiral out of control." There are many different things that could be pointed to.

One thing that has been a staple of Biden's presidency is what have been known as "Biden gaffes." Many of them involve shaking hands with invisible people. In one of them he actually tried to shake Chuck Schumer's hand two times within five seconds.

One could also point to Biden tanking the oil industry. Gas prices soared past $5 per gallon while the left claimed that the president has no control over gas prices and also called it the "Putin price hike" even though gas prices were soaring before Russia invaded Ukraine. Then when gas prices dropped Biden began taking victory laps every morning on Twitter for what he did to lower gas prices. Talk about hypocrisy.

A Politico piece published Wednesday by author Elise Labott took a different route for what harpooned the Biden presidency: the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Labott pointed to Biden's approval rating before and after the Afghanistan withdrawal as evidence:

"In the months before Afghanistan fell to the Taliban late last summer, Biden was enjoying a honeymoon period since taking office. His average approval rating was about 53 percent," the reporter noted, adding that "within days" of the withdrawal, "Biden’s poll numbers went sideways, with a majority of Americans disappointed in his handling of the withdrawal."

It was a year ago when President Biden first had more people who disapprove than approve of his presidency. A Morning Consult Poll from a year ago revealed his "approval numbers dipped lower than his disapproval numbers for the first time at the end of August 2021, when his approval number reached 48 percent — down from 54 percent at the end of June."

Labott emphasized how massive the shift was, "That was the lowest point in his presidency at the time and a big swing in a deeply polarized era that rarely sees large shifts in public opinions of presidents." She also cited another Morning Consult Poll, which revealed that "43 percent of registered voters thought Biden held a great deal of responsibility for the situation – more, respondents thought, than any of his three predecessors involved in the war."

In the end, Labott is left wondering if Biden can ever recover. After all, his Gallup poll rating is worse than "all other modern presidents."

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