Personal Trainer Reveals Shocking Results After Eating Domino's Every Day for a Month

A college student and personal trainer, Jayden Lee, 18, lost over 13 pounds in a month. He ate Domino's pizza daily to show you can lose fat while enjoying treats if you're in a calorie deficit.

"Foods shouldn't be feared just because they've undergone some sort of processing," Jayden Lee told Business Insider.

Dietitian Nichola Ludlam-Raine agrees treats can be part of a healthy, weight-loss diet. But she stresses the importance of overall nutritional quality, physical activity, mental well-being, and disease prevention.

Lee, from Portsmouth, UK, struggled with diet fads and disordered eating in his past. He was obsessed with boxing and would eat very little, harming his relationship with food. "I would go to the grocery store and look at the calories, and I'd stand there for about 30 minutes and then leave because it was too much," he shared.

Influenced by TikTok, Lee thought only unprocessed foods were "good." This led to a cycle of binge-eating and weight fluctuations.


You can include the foods you love with an overall healthy diet ???? My calories per day ranged between 2,200 to 2,500 I hit my protein intake by doing 1.6 (and 2.2) x my BW in KG to give me a protein range per day I did my usual 5x full body workout a week I attempted to do 45min cardio per day, sometimes I did less / more I ate nutrient dense, high protein, high volume foods to keep me satied and fuel my body (high fibre is a plus)
I'd go for a walk after my meals for 5 to 10 minutes and integrate a daily walk if possible I didn't react emotionally to scale weight fluctuations + thought logically about them I aimed to sleep minimum 7 hrs per day Having routine massively helps, staple meals, similar meal timings removes the randomness from chaotic life NO FOOD was off limits If I wanted chocolate, it'd be deducted from my calorie budget If I went over my calories for a day, it wasn't the end of the world Simply got back to it the next day I weighed myself daily to get averages to reduce the factors influencing scale weight I made meals I looked forward to so I didn't feel like in a deficit Rather than focusing on the negative & expecting it to be horrid, I thought positively about what I could control And most importantly, I stayed consistent The only way you can lose is if you quit.

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Determined to understand weight management and nutrition, Lee educated himself. He now knows, "self-value isn’t based on the food you eat." This knowledge has freed him to enjoy foods like chocolate and pizza without guilt.

For his experiment, Lee ate a small Domino's pizza daily, adjusting his calorie intake to stay between 2,200 and 2,500 calories. His diet was balanced, focusing on nutrient-dense, high-fiber foods and avoiding the high-calorie garlic and herb dip.

Lee didn't tire of pizza, ensuring his other meals were nutritious and varied. A typical day included protein oats for breakfast, a wholemeal tuna wrap for lunch, and pizza for dinner. He also emphasized protein to stay full and minimize muscle loss.

Working as a part-time Domino’s delivery cyclist, Lee benefited from a staff discount, making his experiment financially feasible.

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