"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Most Americans, like myself, learned the pledge of allegiance in kindergarten or younger. We recited it every morning before class began, with a hand over our heart. There was no kneeling, no crying about being a "nation under God," and certainly no disrespect.

Now, Democrats act as if it is a sin to say anything involving God. That includes the pledge of allegiance, or even something as simple as saying "God bless America."

It has gotten to the point of ridiculousness, that a Pennsylvania school district has banned Principal Peter Briggs from saying "God Bless America" after the morning pledge.

Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) threatened to sue the Sabold Elementary School if he did not stop. They claim that he is violating the U.S. Constitution considering it outlines the separation of church and state.

FFRF said that “young elementary school children don’t need to be coerced into affirming God’s name every morning.”

Fox News reports:

An attorney from the group sent a letter to the district complaining that publicly announcing the expression violated the U.S. Constitution's prohibition of government sponsoring religious messages.

“‘God Bless America’ is a prayer … A Prayer hosted by a publicly supported school does not pass constitutional muster,” the foundation said.

The district released a statement Friday confirming that it received a complaint that reciting the words “God Bless America” over the loudspeaker “violated the law” and that it would stop the practice immediately.

“In accordance with District protocol, this complaint was forwarded to our District Solicitor's Office. Based upon the Solicitor's legal research and recommendation, we ceased this practice. Continuation of any practices that may be unlawful would only expose the District to litigation, which the local taxpayers would have to financially support,” the statement said.

While the principal has been banned from repeating the phrase at school, the district confirmed that they will not prohibit the children from saying it.

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