Demario Davis, captain of the New Orleans Saints, was fined nearly $7,000 by the National Football League for wearing a headband that displayed the words "Man of God" across it. He wore it during a Week 3 matchup against the Seahawks.

After being slammed with the fine, Davis posted a close-up photo of the headband on Instagram and asked his followers if he should continue to wear it, even though he will face more fines if he does so.

“So, I got fined $7K for my headband. Should I continue to wear it, or nah?” Davis inquired. The eighth-year player is not ashamed of his faith, and is quite outspoken about it. So if he does choose to continue to wear the headband, I do not think it would come as a surprise to his fans.

According to the NFL, the rule he broke was that which prohibits players from wearing personal messages during their games. According to, if he does continue to wear the headband, his fine will be double the price of the last one, AT LEAST. The minimum fine on a second offense is $14, 037.

Neonettle reports:

According to Western Journal, Davis is not the first player to face a ridiculous fine over the NFL’s “personal messages” rule.

Steelers defensive end Cameron Heyward was fined over $25,000 for a series of messages on his eye black that was meant to honor his late father.

A year later, another Steelers player, running back DeAngelo Williams, was fined nearly $6,000 for the “Find the Cure” message on his eye black.

Williams has lost his mother and four aunts to breast cancer.

New Orleans Saints posted a video to Twitter of Davis pumping up his teammates before their Week 4 showdown against the Cowboys. In the video he was wearing a similar headband, but one that had a cross on it, instead of words.

He has not stated as to whether or not he is wearing the one with the cross in place of the “Man of God” headband or not. Nor do we know whether that would also fall under the category of a "personal message" to the NFL or not.

Good for him though. He's going to let that little light of his shine, no matter what!

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