Oregon is such an unbelievable disgrace to our political system. They are still refusing to admit that there is any wrong-doing in their voter registration records.

This comes after hundreds, if not thousands of people have come forward and said that their voter registration was changed without their permission or knowledge. But they just truly do not care, and they proved it.

The Elections Compliance Specialist for the Secretary of State of Oregon is even accusing Republican voters who are saying that their registration was changed as having been drunk when they updated their voter registration, saying "PSA: Don't drink and update your voter registration".

This is such a slap in the face to the people of Oregon. She's really saying that thousands of Republicans in Oregon all got drunk when they decided to do their voter registration and changed them all to "Not Affiliated"? Give me a break.

But what do you expect from someone who comes straight from the fast-food industry and suddenly becomes an "elections compliance specialist".

They are trying to completely shift the blame to Republican voters by saying that they either never actually registered with the Republican party or they didn't do the paperwork the right way down at the DMV.

If they have already voted in the past as a Republican, and now they are getting the wrong ballots and their registration is not showing as Republican, it's highly unlikely that these people purposefully went down to the DMV and changed their registration. Most people haven't even been to the DMV in years.

I personally have only gone just a few times in the last 7 years and that was because I moved and bought a couple of new vehicles.

Look, here's the simple fact of the matter. There is nothing special about Oregon that only this would be happening there. Oregon Republicans aren't just exceptionally stupid that hundreds if not thousands of people would have this happen to them and yet it's not happening in any other states.

Foul play is going on somewhere. I don't' know if it's at the DMV or if it's something deeper like in the state capitol or what, but I'll promise you it's no coincidence.

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